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Saturday, March 30, 2013


Alpacas are endearing, adorable creatures, with attractive and useful fibers, which are great for making warm clothing. Having an alpaca farm is about more than selling baby alpacas, or shearing their fibers away. To know an alpaca is to love one, and we’ve known many over the years. We would like to use our knowledge and passion to answer a few commonly asked questions.

To What family does the alpaca belong?
Alpacas belong to the camelid family, meaning camels are their ancestors.

Are Alpacas violent or friendly?
Alpacas are serene creatures, similar to the llama.

Does shearing, to obtain fibers, harm the alpacas?
No, every spring, we shear alpacas for their fiber. It’s very similar to how shepherds obtain wool from sheep; a simple shave. Moreover, due to the heat of the fiber, alpacas often appreciate the maintenance.

Do alpacas make good investments?
Yes! Alpaca fiber is worth a pretty-penny and you can shear each alpaca once a year, meaning you can make a lot of money via fibers and offspring.

Can alpacas survive in the wild?
Chances are, no. Breeders have been domesticating alpacas for thousands of year, so they do not hold the proper defense they would need to survive in the wild.

How can you shear an alpaca?
You’ll need two people. One must employ a restraining system, keeping the feet and neck in place. The other starts with the belly, and then shears the neck and the feet. When it comes to shearing an alpaca’s feet, they may get chaotic and upset.

How can you handle a chaotic or panicked alpaca?
When alpacas get nervous, their main defense is spit. If your alpaca starts spitting, in which case, you’ll need to put a tube sock on the alpaca’s snout. It is not cruel to do, as the alpaca can still breathe. The alpaca will not be able to remove the sock, so the sock contains the spit. Eventually, the alpaca will begin to behave. Though it isn’t cruel, it is still unpleasant for the alpaca, so it is ideal for training.

Why are alpacas so popular on the internet?
Perhaps it’s because they’re so adorable and friendly! Alpaca puns to the internet by storm in mid-2012, with warnings of an “Alpaca-lypse”. Here are some of our favorite alpaca jokes so far!