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Monday, April 8, 2013


Unfortunately, like all living things, alpacas have flaws. Alpacas have a few weaknesses but their biggest kryptonite? Ears. Alpacas are susceptible to ear ailments, but also mites, so keeping an observant eye on the alpaca’s behavior and health is crucial.Alpaca Ear Problems and Mite treatement Advice From Alpaca Brreders Countryside Alpacas

Sometimes, during the early stages of life, Alpaca ears can turn inside out. This happens more often in prematurely born alpacas. Leaving the ear this way is not an option, as it will cause an array of problems later in life. Luckily, there is a quick DIY remedy, which is fairly painless for the alpaca. Using breathable micro-pore tape, fold the ear in the proper position and secure it down. It should only take about one day, but then it usually corrects the problem completely.

We also mentioned mites; these little pests are the worst. Alpaca ears are warm, especially on the soft tissue of the ear, so the warmth attracts mites. These cause itchy and irritable alpacas. If you notice that your alpaca is always uncomfortable, and missing patches of skin, mites are probably to blame. You’ll also notice a black wax in the inner ear, in which case you’ll need to treat the alpaca. Seek assistance from a veterinarian, who can confirm with a skin-scraping. Then, the vet will provide you with the appropriate medicine.

*Photo Source Kim Carpenter NJ | Flickr