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Thursday, April 25, 2013


The idea of therapy dogs and cats changed the way people heal from physical and mental ailments… but who ever heard of a therapy alpaca, or a therapy llama? If you haven’t heard about this trend, you may in the near future. Earlier this month, a few owners registered the first few alpacas and llamas as therapeutic service animals, and since then, a few farms have picked up on it.

As alpaca lovers and breeders in Connecticut, we love this news story from Canada, covered earlier this month by CBS News. The story of two healing camelid friends, who visit and mend the ill, is a touching and motivating one.

“I never realized the power animals have to bring healing and joy to people like this,” Kelly Schmidt, a social worker told CBS in the Oregon hospital after receiving a visit from Rojo and Napoleon. “I truly believe they are given a purpose more than just entertainment.”

Check out this video of Rojo the alpaca and his llama friend Napoleon, walking around the walls of a hospital and riding elevators. Want to learn more? Head over to to view the full article and learn more about the adorable camelid duo…

Alpacas and llamas are great for ailing patients because….

Alpacas are naturally peaceful and serene creatures, which exude unconditional love and happiness at every opportunity.
Alpacas have never been a wild of vicious animal. Alpacas in history were usually companions, the added bonus being their warm fiber.
Alpacas and llamas spit when they are afraid or unhappy. (Check out our FAQ post to read how you can correct this nasty behavior.)
Due to their kind nature and impeccable bedside manners, medical professionals are employing llamas and alpacas for a variety of therapeutic events. Registered earlier this month, the first of the therapy camelid have already changed many lives.