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Saturday, October 26, 2013


The healthiest Alpaca in the world is only as good as his or her diet. It’s important to ensure your alpaca gets the right nutrients from meals, because just like humans, Alpacas can be anemic. Anemia is when the red blood cell count is low. Symptoms include weight loss, low energy, low temperature, and irritability. If left untreated, your Alpaca will have an unpleasant life.
If you notice a lack of energy, for any reason, take your alpaca to a vet. The vet can test your alpaca for Mycoplasma haemolamae, which is a toxin that can cause anemia in alpacas. If the alpaca tests positive, your vet can set you up with a series of treatment options.
Feed your alpaca supplements, to boost iron and fight anemia. Request a blood transfusion, it will boost red blood cells and promote the immune system, helping him feel better already.
A great product to feed your alpaca is Red Cell. It’s an iron supplement to help anemic animals. This product is available through your veterinarian.
Remember, you can prevent this by feeding your alpaca only healthy, organic foods. To learn more about raising an alpaca, follow and subscribe to our blog for new posts and tips about caring for alpacas!