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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

3 Ways to Calm Alpacas during Shearing

In addition to their regular care, alpacas need shearing once per year. Their fiber is thick, and valuable, and it can become too heavy and uncomfortable for the alpacas if it is left alone. Shearing an alpaca is about more than obtaining his or her fiber; it’s about making the alpaca comfortable during the process. Though alpacas might not enjoy the actual shearing process, they appreciate the result. After a shearing, the Alpaca feels much lighter and happier.

Stop the Spitting

Alpacas spit when they're stressed. So even though they know the awesome result of sheering, they're not exactly a fan of being held down while looking at the shearers. So, they become stressed, and they start spitting which makes them even more upset. Use a tube sock, or something soft, to muzzle the alpaca. If you stop the spitting, you've made a difference.

Use Essential Oils

Certain oils can calm your alpaca naturally with aromatherapy. The shearing is pain free, so once you eliminate the fear, the alpaca will be much calmer.

Learn more about essential oils for alpacas here:

Be Fast

Just get the shearing done and over with so your alpaca can relax. Some people will often stop to console the alpaca. This drags the process out and makes him or her feel stressed/scared for longer. The best thing do is follow these tips, in order, and try to get the shearing done as thoroughly and as quickly as possible.