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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Advice for Starting an Alpaca Farm

So many people reach a crossroads in life, particularly animal lovers, where they decide to make their passion become a good source of income. You’ll often see this with painters, pet sitters, and musicians. If you love animals and you’re exhausted from constantly trying to climb the corporate ladder, alpacas might be the perfect investment for you. Gentle, loving creatures, Alpacas are the perfect companions that also happen to be smart ventures. An Alpaca farm can have a great payout if you are willing to put in some work.

People have the misconception that the only animals that make good investments are cows, for their milk and sheep, for their wool. With Alpaca fiber, you can make a variety of clothing and accessories. Humane and safe, shearing an alpaca once per year is actually a favor to the alpaca. You can also breed them for a profit if you are interested in doing so. People will buy them for both pets and investments alike.

If you are interested in starting your own Alpaca farm here are a few things to consider:

• Be sure to get the proper permits to have an Alpaca farm
• The cost of an alpaca can vary widely – depending on market conditions.
• Give them space; have proper fencing that is 5 feet tall.
• Find a Veterinarian – preferably one that is experienced with Alpacas.
• Adjust your insurance – Alpaca farms are insurable and many expenses are tax deductible!

Once you have everything lined up and sorted out…. Go ahead, start a new life. Start an alpaca farm.